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4 Mowing Tips To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

A healthy, green, and soft lawn is a good thing for your home. Ensuring your lawn will be neat and healthy after it has been mowed is a major concern to many people. While cutting the lawn too low puts it at a high risk of weed invasion and drying out, the quality of the lawn mower can also determine how neat or healthy the freshly cut grass will be. The only way to keep the lawn in a good condition is by taking all the precautionary measures to ensure it is mowed properly. Outlined below are a few mowing tips for a perfect lawn.

1. Clear out any debris or stones

This should be the first thing you do before firing up the lawn mower. Using a long handle rake, rake out any debris, leaves, rocks, sticks and any other foreign material in the lawn first. Raking out golf balls and rocks will not only prevent damage on the blades (or blunting) but will also keep you out of the operation room. As long as the hard materials are out of the way, it will then be much easier to keep the mower blades sharp for a perfect cut.

2. Ensure the mower blades are sharp

The main idea behind mowing your lawn is to cut the grass uniformly and at the desired height. While sharp blades can help achieve that, dull blades only tear the grass thus making your lawn seem untidy. If the blades are frayed or shredded, you should then consider sharpening them. If some of the blades are broken, it may be time to replace them.

3. Mow high

Although most people think that mowing low will help save them time (from having to mow frequently), this only damages your grass and also paves the way for weeds to grow. The first rule of thumb in keeping your lawn healthy is by mowing less than 1/3 of the grass blades. One thing you need to remember is that grass uses these blades for photosynthesis hence vital for its health. You would rather mow high frequently but have a healthy lawn, than mow low then have patches of dry grass in the lawn.

4. Only mow when the grass is dry

Dry grass is considerably much easier to cut at an even level as compared to wet grass. Mowing just after a storm or after watering the lawn is a sure way to have irregular cuts and lengths. Wet grass is also harder to cut, and will under most instances clog the lawn mower or even make the blades dull.

You also need a lawn mower that is powerful enough to cut through the grass entirely. You also need to take good care of the freshly cut lawn by mulching immediately and watering it frequently to restore its vigor. These simple home improvement tips will help your lawn flourish during the summer.


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