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All The Wrong Reasons

We all have choices when it comes to everything that we would like to do and it is important that we try to make the best decisions for us at that time and here are a few tips that will help you avoid making some costly mistakes when it comes to choosing a contractor for your fencing needs.

1. Never choose a contractor based just on the price. It is so true that you will get what you pay for and this is one of the laws of economics that has passed the tests of time and is still thriving. After you have paid your low price for any product, the poor quality of whatever you have purchased will be what you remember and not the price that you paid for you it. Once you have your finished product you are stuck and will not be able to get your money back so, be very careful when making your contractor decision.

2. Look into hiring someone with experience and not a lack of expertise. Make sure that the person that you are hiring to install your fences has the expertise and experience that is needed to effectively get the job done. You want to be happy with the job and able to live with that decision for years to come. The number of years that a company has been open is not as important as the number of years they have perfected their craft. Find out the extent of their expertise in their particular field.

3. Do your homework on the company. Do not buy into hiring a company because they are making you feel guilty. The reputation of both the product that they use and their reputations should all match up and be reputable. Be wary of companies that go by different names than they may have started with. See if you can find reviews about the company that you are thinking of choosing.

4. Guarantees that are empty. You want to ask about the guarantees that they have and what exactly they mean. Guarantees are usually backed by the installer and the manufacturers. Find out what your options will be in the event that you are not satisfied with the finished result. Some companies will offer money back guarantee or they will fix the work that is not to your satisfaction.

5. What about negligence? Aside from you, who else is looking out for you and your best interest? Is your property going to remain out of harms way during the process of installation and will your neighbors property remain as it is? The person that you hire should be looking out for your property as well as any property that borders yours. The installer should be aware of the important things that are going on above and below the ground because there may be pipes or lines present.

6. Using products that are below standard. You need to know if the installer that you are choosing is using products that are below standard. For example, if you are using concrete that you just add water to yourself as oppose to using a cement truck then you may find yourself having a problem because there may not be as much as you need which would cause your fence to not be as sturdy as it might have been because the proper products were not used.

7. Photo only products. It can look really great on a picture and that is fine but you need to know that the company actually did the work so, you should go to the company and see their fences and touch the materials in person so, that you have a real idea of what you are going to get.

Knowing these few things will be a helpful guide that will keep you from making a costly mistake when it comes to hiring fence contractors.


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