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Considerations When Using Wooden Driveway Gates

Wooden driveway gates are a very common and time-honoured choice for many people. The primary reason is that they come with high-quality workmanship and an end product that is built to last. When seasoned timber is used, the gate will last a very long time which means that you get the best value for your investment.

Wooden gates are affordable and easy to install. Moreover, wooden gates add a regal touch to your property. Additionally, choosing the right height and the use of solid wood will provide a good sense of privacy and security for your home.

However, wood is a natural resource that is prone to degradation over time due to weathering. It is best to choose wooden gates that are manufactured using the latest technology and excellent skills that will make the material last even longer. Here are some factors that you should consider when you are planning to have wooden gates installed on your property.

Your Wooden Gate VS Moisture and Heat

Wood, being a natural resource, is prone to absorbing moisture. When it does, it may subsequently decay. Decayed wood can wrap around hinges and cause problems with your automation when that happens.

Treating the wood will help you avoid decay, moulding, and swelling even if your wooden gate is exposed to water and moisture. You can also have your driveway angled so that a waterway is provided and the wood is not left to soak in a puddle.

Similarly, your wooden gate can be exposed to too much sunlight and UV rays. With that in mind, it is worthwhile treating it with a UV filter as well - either annually or every two years.

Your Wooden Gate and Maintenance

Most wooden gates come in particular heights and widths. If they are extra-large, such as in the case of wooden driveway gates, they may require metal braces for support. Wooden gates can become high-maintenance assemblies over time if they are not looked after from the moment they are installed.

Your Wooden Gate, Sturdiness, and Installation

Wooden gates do not require complicated installations and they are expected to stand well for a long time. Prior to installation, you should check that the pieces and the joints are complete, unbroken, strong, and straight. The fixings and other components should also be of good quality and properly installed. Conversely, you need to check if these fittings are readily available should you need to replace them. The wooden gate must be mortice and wedged meticulously so that it will remain sturdy for a long time.

Your wooden gate can be a natural barrier or an ornamental piece, and you will also need to consider whether or not to install locks if you are looking for additional security.

Choosing the Best Supplier

Most wooden gate manufacturers craft wooden gates using the best materials and techniques. You can choose between timber and hardwood and you can have the guarantee that your wooden gate will look amazing and operate smoothly. The best companies also offer full design and installation services.

When purchasing wooden driveway gates, you can choose from those that provide standard gates or those that offer custom-made ones. If you are not very particular, pre-built driveway gates will do. You can get them from the garden section of your favourite department store or from home improvement shops. If you have specific needs or if you have big entrances and driveways, then you should buy wooden gates from specialised providers.


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