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Everything You Need To Know About Classic Window Treatments And Their Distinctive Assets

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Choosing draperies, curtains, or shades for your home goes far beyond choosing the right color, style, or design. It's important, and enhances as room, but there are energy saving benefits, too. Whether youâre looking for casual dressing or you want to add class and elegance to a room.

Shades & Shutters These are popular options, because they're functional designs and come in so many options that it's the perfect complement to any d'cor style. You can find shades or shutters that will work with the majority of windows, whether they are large or small. If you have an unusual shape of window, you can choose a custom option, where your choice will be designed specifically to match your windows.

Roman shades come in three styles: relaxed, flat, and cascading. Relaxed are a casual option, and depending on your choice of fabric, the relaxed style can make your room for rustic, charming, or even romantic. They're the perfect choice for a breakfast nook, the family room, or a studio. Flat shades are clean and elegant, and the perfect choice for any design style. They have a simple, modern look, making them great for showing off bold colors, and bright patterns. Cascading shapes are hand stitched and crafted from horizontal panels. This look creates a waterfall effect, offering a rippled look when raised or lowered. They add a soft sophistication and are the perfect choice for studies, bedrooms, and living rooms. Another excellent aspect of a roman shade is that it can also be used along with drapes.

Drapes Curtains and drapes come in a variety of styles and designs, and with custom options you can take it to the next level. There are options such as tailored, inverted, ripple fold, pinches, goblet, and more. The more pleated the curtain panels are, the more formal it is. There are three main pleats to choose from: a European pinch, a standard pinch, and the goblet pinch.

The European pinch is a modern taken on the standard. They offer a luxurious feel to any room, and this is the perfect pinch for a heavy fabric.The standard pinch also creates a touch of elegance, without creating an over the top appearance.

This classic look works great in any setting. The goblet pinch is the perfect fancy look. It's easily the most luxurious pleating style, conveying elegance. To get the best of the intricate design, the fabric should have no pattern.

Did You Know? Not every light blocking shade is equal. The one feature that causes blackout shades to stand out is their ability to block out 100% of the light. Privacy shades are tightly weaved, allowing a limited view but a little light through. While solar shades are made from a unique fabric that allows light filter, and a clear view. You can opt for anywhere between 3% open right up to 25% open. 3% offers plenty of privacy and light, while 25% is seriously open, offering no privacy.


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