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Home Energy Efficiency For All Seasons

To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn. So go the lyrics of a popular song years ago. The truth continues every year and seasonal changes give opportunity for strategic changes to bring money saving, comfort increasing home life.

HWReplacement Pros provides a few ideas for saving money now, saving money in the future, and enjoying a quality of life that is greatly increased with simple habits anyone can perform with home window installation.

Upgrade those appliances when you need to replace them: It is estimated by a major kitchen appliance manufacturer that four out of ten Americans keep an old refrigerator in the garage. Their statistics reveal that an average of $84 annually can be saved when any refrigerator older than fifteen years is replaced with an ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerator bought today.

Heating and cooling: Fortunately, a forty percent savings in energy use is achieved by contemporary heat pumps and air conditioners over those produced just twenty years ago. When that unit goes out or when the new home is built, the investment in an Energy Star system will prove to be worth the initial outlay of money within fifteen months and the savings continue from there.

Electronic air cleaners: Pollutants and allergens come into homes through doorways, windows, and tramped in from shoes onto carpets, rugs, and floors. Almost unnoticed, these air borne particles can be trapped by air cleaners rather than stored like dust on furniture, appliances, walls and floors. Rather than breathing this into nasal passages and lungs, these air cleaners keep the trash where it should be.

Humidifiers: An effective home environment is much like a cocoon. The level of moisture is constantly different inside the home than outside the home. When the temperature varies more than twenty degrees between the two climes, there is condensation and moisture exposed on the cocoon barrier either to the inside or outside. Humidifiers can balance that difference by just the righ amount to keep both body and materials hydrated and pleasant. This not only provides an improved comfort to the home but also extends the beauty and usefulness of furniture, flooring, and appliances.

Programmable thermostats: Why keep home temperatures pleasant for humans when no one is present in the home? A programmable thermostat allows the home temperature to be anticipated when occupied or unoccupied. This cost-efficient strategy can assure the home is pleasant when in use and saving energy costs when no one is there. It is a no brainer and there is no lessening of a pleasant degree of temperature when needed.

Seal the windows and doors: Environmental Protection Agency reports that the lack of weather stripping on a minimum of 5 leaky windows and doors create an energy loss equal to one window staying completely open for an entire year. That is a huge energy waste and an expense that can be avoided. It doesnt take a professional to determine there is a problem if light shines through the framework of closed windows or doors, or if a tissue moves when held next to them. Seal them up.

Two Quick Tips:

1.In portions of the home that go unused for weeks a shrink seal installed with a hair dryer can over windows with a clear-to-view sheeting that will close off drafts and energy leaks without unsightly effects.

2.Replace broken window panes and glass panels as well as putty and caulk loose panes to close out drafts.

Richard Karney says, "One of the simplest ways to save on utilities is to make wise appliance upgrade decisions." The fact that Mr. Karney is Manager Karney of the Energy Star division of the DOE (Department of Energy) might make his words even stronger.


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