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Steps On How To Install A Sprinkler System For Your Lawn

The installation of a sprinkler system for your lawn will offer you with a lush and green lawn that you are able to enjoy throughout the year. This particular job is not advised for amateurs but with a bit of hard work and the right research this task is definitely possible. Below are the steps involved in installing your sprinkler system.

1. Draw up a diagram of the garden areas that you would like to irrigate. This drawing allows you to plan your routing for the pipelines and the placement of the sprinkler heads.

2. Divide your areas up into rectangles as these will become your zones that will be watered as a single unit.

3. Select the right types of sprinkler heads that will adequately cover a zone.

4. Mark the position of every head in association with the heads spraying distance.

5. Count the amount of heads needed for each zone and add on a gallon for each minute for each one.

6. Draw a main-line from where you would like to install the control valves and your backflow preventer.

7. Now draw up branch-lines that will originate from your main-line from each of the heads.

8. Use your layout to now mark locations of the pipes heads and ditches. You should flag these areas using ribbons, survey flags or markers that you can stick into the ground using large nails.

9. The next step involves digging the ditches, by using a grubbing hoe or axe to cut into the turf. Your ditches should be a minimum of 12 inches deep in order to protect the pipes from very cold or very warm climates.

10. Now spread out your piping along these ditches using elbows", brushings and tees" to reduce the size of the pipes along with threading for the sprinkler heads.

11. The next step involves the installation of risers at each position of the sprinkler heads. Ensure that the terminal fittings you use are the right thread-size for each head.

12. Tie your main-line onto the manifold at the position of your control valves or timer, making sure you use the right valve for the control type you have decided on.

13. Now tie your water-supply line into your manifold.

14. Turn on the control valve to flush out the pipes.

15. Install the sprinkler heads

Now is the time to observe the coverage of spray as well as the direction of each sprinkler head. You should also check the ditches for any water leaks. If all is well backfill the ditches packing your soil in firmly. It is a rather difficult process especially if you don't have prior experience. The best solution is to go with a pro, save yourself the hasstle and time. It might even cost you less. There are lots of companies out there like Sprinkler Bros, Rainbird, Hunter and Orbit that can install the perfect sprinkler system for you.


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