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The Major Reason To Use Window Dressing

A shop may have the most experienced friendly staff. The best stocked and equipped merchandise along with a great position in a mall or high street. However, the sales are poor and virtually no walk-in business. What could be wrong?

Well consider that it could be that the displays in the shop windows are dull boring and just don't say much to the customer at all.

Of course, the major reason to use window dressing is to increase Sales! The theory being that if the shop window attracts customers, they are more likely to walk in and purchase an item.

Here are some tips that can be used when planning a how to dress a shop window.

Tips on Window Dressing

1. Don't clutter up the windows with lots of different products. A passer by will look over the window and just walk on. The brain has too much to absorb and will not filter a certain item that will bring in a customer. However, a single product displayed on mass can be appealing and the brain will certainly remember where that item was seen!

2. There are many simple cost effective ways to dress the windows. It does not have to be expensive. Just use a little imagination.

3. Update your displays frequently. These windows could highlight a particular special at any given time. A great suggestion is to have made, once off, a large number of photographs that show parts of your store. These can rotate as background. The more often you change your windows the more often people will look at it.

4. A very important tip is to make use of good lighting. So many stores are content to just use minimal lighting. Lighting should be hung directly above any item that you want to highlight. This way there will be no shadows cast. The brighter your windows are the more attention they will attract. If you can, keep your windows dressing lights on at night.

5. Pay attention if you are on a busy street that the front of your windows is kept neat and clean. Unfortunately, though you may not have created the mess it will reflect on your store. 6. Once you have your window dressing in place remember to view it from all angles. Even check what it looks like from a passing car. This is an advert for the store.

7. Windows are not a stockroom.! Highlight only the best and a few at a time.

8. Window designers today are looking into the overall concept. For example, if the shop is a bakery then run piping from the actual oven baking are to the front windows outside (Carefully hidden of course). The aroma of baking bread is hard to resist and most people passing by will enter the shop.

A window display is often the first experience that a customer will have with a shop. If it is smart clever and enticing it will help draw customers in. This should result in increased sales. It can be said that a well-dressed window is the best advert for sales.

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