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What To Do After Your Tub Or Shower Has Been Refinished

Your contractor has completed refinishing your bathtub or shower. Hooray! You canât wait to use that new lavender bath salt that you just bought. But donât get too excited yet. You might think that your shower is ready for use but itâs actually not.

After the contractor is done with the shower refinishing job that you hired him for, there are some reminders that he might dish out before you start using your tub again. Make sure to read through some of the most common precautionary instructions below that your contractor may or may not tell you about after he is done working on your tub:

1. Keep the shower dry - donât get the shower pan wet for about 24 hours. This is to ensure that the finish will dry completely and that it wonât peel or get removed due to the moisture. Keep moisture all over the bathroom to a minimum to allow for proper drying time. Air thatâs too humid can slow down the drying process. If the hot water coming from a nearby faucet (not the one on your bathtub) is making some major fog on the bathroom mirror then thereâs also a good chance that moisture is headed to your newly refinished tub. Use other bathrooms in the meantime. Consider this fact before you have your shower refinished as you wonât be able to use your bathroom properly for at least 24 hours. Think also of the timing as to when you should have your tub refinished. The best time is to do it during spring or fall when thereâs not much humidity in the air.

2. Inspect the shower - if your contractor did a good job, there should not be any bubbles on the surface of your shower. The finish should feel smooth to the touch and not rough or bumpy. The finish should be even all over. There should be no dust, dirt, bug, or debris stuck to the bathtub after the contractor is done. Check also the surrounding area. The contractor should have covered the surrounding areas so that paint wonât get into the walls, floors or places that you donât want painted. 3. Clear the air - the fumes from the shower refinishing kit that your contractor use may still linger in the bathroom and can make you sick if you keep inhaling it. Make sure to clear the air by opening windows in the bathroom or placing a fan inside the bathroom to ventilate it. The fumes should not linger for longer and if it does, call your contractor immediately.


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