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Furry Family Member Stains

There is nothing worse than having a pet stain on the carpet. The smell of it and the discoloration that it gives to the carpet just makes you want to pull the entire carpet up and put your furry family member somewhere that is far from any carpet in your home. I too have been there.

When you try to remove this stain, its going to suck if you dont completely remove the stain because your furry family friend will keep returning to that exact same spot. Here are a few tips to follow when you have pet stains in your carpet.

Locate the Stain

Now this is not always an easy assignment. If the stain is fresh, then your job is super easy, unless of course you dont clean the stain completely up, then your job has just gotten much harder. Your pet is going to continuously keep using that exact same spot until that spot is properly cleaned. Dont believe that just because you cant see it that its gone. Now, if you want to know with certainty that the stain is gone, you can use a black light, but who owns that? If you dont you can purchase one at a home supply store and this will show you just how deep your furry family members stain really is.

Clean Fresh Stain

Picking up the stain without it sinking into the carpet and drying in the carpets padding is the key. Directly on the stain, lay down a thick layer of paper towels and then cover it with a newspaper. It is also a great idea to lay newspaper under the strand area if you can. Now, youre going to need plenty of patience for this next step: stand on the paper towel and newspaper combo area for a couple of minutes and repeat the process until the spot is as dry as possible. Never put neutralizers or powdered deodorizers on a wet stain. A mixture of white vinegar and water will act to both clean and deodorize the spot once most of the stain is removed.

Cleaning Dry Stain

Refer back to when I said using a black light. Using a black light will help you to spot the dried stain that must be cleaned. Cleaning most of the stain, like 90 percent is not good enough, the black light will clearly show the full extent of the stain. A mixture of 50 percent vinegar and 50 percent water are what we recommend to left the stain and the scent out of your carpet. For the dry stain, you cant be afraid to use a lot of liquid and use a scrub brush because your goal is to work that stain out of your carpets fibers. Another go to mix to try is a half cup of peroxide and a teaspoon of baking soda. When choosing your peroxide, make sure that is 3 percent or less pure.

How To Use Your Outdoor Space Effectively

A garage is an effective way to fill your garden and does not just have to be an ancillary household storage facility. It also does not have to be a room for your familys car. In fact, your homes garage can become an instant add-on room when you use some imagination and a bit of planning.

If you can manage using your driveway for your car, you can easily make the garage a completely different room for the family to use. It can be transformed into a home gym, a recreation or games room, a home office or even a workshop.

You can even turn it into a storage room if that is what makes you happy. This is not such a bad idea if you already pay for offsite storage facilities. Why pay anything extra when you can simply add shelving to the garage to make it its very own storage unit.

You can dress the storage room up by investing in the services of a landscaping company or garage design service. The end result will be something akin to a nice walk-in closet that serves as extra storage space for off-season items. Have you ever had a problem finding storage space for grills or patio furniture in addition to boxes of seasonal clothes?

Create a neatly organized storage area in your own garage. You will save money on storage units and leave the room customizable for any future owners should you wish to sell the home. If the room is left with an ability to be utilized as a garage again, you can also improve your homes value as well as save on storage.

If you want to create a home gym or other recreational space, you can also invest in getting the garage outfitted to serve these purposes. It is up to you if you want to have the garage door removed and sealed over to create a true fourth wall. However, if you do, you have created an add-on to your home for virtually a fraction of what you would pay for a real addition.

Another option for your garage is to turn it into a home theater. Add some affordable luxury by outfitting the garage with a big screen, comfortable theater seats, carpeting and a great sound system.

Your garage can stay just like it is. Or, with some imagination, you can turn it into something you didnt realize you could afford to have as a home addition.

Why Planning Applications Need Accurate Maps

The process of applying for planning permission in the UK is a famously frustrating exercise in fighting bureaucracy. Securing your permission in a timely fashion can be difficult, especially for a homeowner with modest resources. Making sure that your application includes full and accurate maps is an excellent way to remove one possible impasse standing between you and your permission.

Maps Included In Your Planning Application

Every application for planning permission has to include a site location plan. This is a general overview scaled to either 1:1,250 or 1:2,500 showing the property where you plan to do the work. The larger scale is used for either large developments or for isolated properties where the smaller scale does not show a useful context. The outline of the property you need permission for must be outlined in red, and any other properties in the area you own need to be outlined in blue.

If you're applying for full planning permission, you'll very likely also need to submit a block plan. This is a more detailed map at a scale of 1:500 or even larger which shows complete details of your proposed work. The block plan may not be required if you're applying for outline or principle permission for a new build.

Why Accuracy Matters

Your maps need to be completely up to date so that the officials in the planning office get an accurate understanding of the relationship of your proposed development to the adjacent properties. Accuracy is also important if your application is shared with other parties (e.g. neighbours, other agencies, etc) to solicit their input. Maps that are inaccurate or out-of-date make it far more likely that your application will be delayed or even rejected outright.

Inaccurate or incomplete planning application maps are also likely to draw negative attention and objections from concerned parties that are contacted by the planning authority -- if the authority is even willing to move forward with your application. Your application will always stand a better chance of sailing smoothly through the process when it's accompanied by accurate maps.

Other Concerns

While the vast majority of planning maps are based directly on Ordnance Survey maps, planning authorities need to verify that the Crown's copyright has been respected. This makes it risky to photocopy Ordnance Survey maps yourself or get your planning maps prepared by a fly-by-night website. Legitimate map preparation companies will produce fully-authorized maps that will meet planner's expectations.

Certain basic formatting rules have to be obeyed on all planning maps. They must be on A4 sheets with north oriented towards the top of the map, and each map must include a scale. Planning officers need all of their maps to be consistent so that it easy to compare details between them and move smoothly from one application to another.

Hopefully this overview has made it clear that while preparing accurate maps for you planning application is extremely important, it is not necessarily difficult. Pay attention to the requirements of your local planning authority and you should have no trouble delivering a satisfactory set of maps.