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Top 4 Worst Crawl Space Insulation Practices You Need To Know

Most homeowners interested in insulating their crawl spaces end up searching for that information on the internet. Yes, there are lots of good information online, but there also very bad and outdated advice being given out there. The most common worst practice is using fiberglass to insulate a damp crawl space. This is because fiberglass absorbs and holds moisture from the foundation walls and ground, and when its too heavy it falls. This leads to rot, excessive moisture and mold growth. Here are more worst crawl space insulation practices that youve probably not heard of before.

Adding More Foundation Vents To Your Crawl Space

Due to bad advice and old building codes, homeowners are adding more vents to the crawl spaces with the intention of drying excessive moisture. The thinking behind this practice was that circulation of air (ventilation) would force moisture in the crawl to go outside. However, it has been proven that adding warm and humid outdoor air through the foundation vents leads to increased levels of moisture in the crawl space. Proper encapsulation is the only effective way to reduce high levels of moisture in the crawl space.

Spray Foam On A Damp Crawl Space Foundation

In dry, below-grade crawl spaces, using spray foam insulation is the best for maximum energy efficiency. However, theres only one problem. Many below-grade crawl spaces have ground floors and foundations that are not dry. Hence, choosing this form of insulation for a damp crawl space can lead to moisture being trapped in the wood, causing rot and weakening the structure of your home. So, unless your crawl has a foundation waterproofing membrane, footing drains, foundation sealant and downspout extensions, youre better off not choosing this form of insulation.

Insulating Heat Ducts With Fiberglass

If insulated with fiberglass, ducts in vented crawl spaces are likely to condense, and the fiberglass will absorb this excess water, leading to mold growth around the fiberglass ducts.

Improper Installation Of Drainage Systems

After heavy rains, most crawls usually have standing water on their floor grounds. And as you may already know, you cannot insulate your crawl space effectively without first tackling water and moisture problems. Most homeowners try to solve this problem with a sump pump and a stand -alone pit. But, a sump pump alone is not enough to pump all the water, which collects around the crawls perimeter or center. To intercept the standing water and lead it to the pump, a perimeter drain is necessary.

To protect your home, avoid these unprofessional crawl space insulation practices at all costs if you can. For more information about crawl space insulation head over to

Beautify You Home With Modern Floor Tiles

If one is planning to beautify a home's interiors, painting walls with bright colors would not be enough. Impressive flooring is an essential to ensure that a room stands out. Therefore, to add to the aura of a room an interior designer or homeowners needs to put in some extra hours to decide on the type and design of flooring. Tiles are not just a hard scratch resistant easy to clean surface, but as they are available in a galaxy of designs, patterns and colors, they add to the artistry of a room, making it a very modern home décor surface material.

Choosing perfect tiles

Tiles are available in an assortment of materials. Therefore, when selecting tiles, one need to have a basic idea of tiles' materials, this is important in determining the tile type to be used in particular places. Wall and floor tiles for the bathroom are different from floor and wall tiles for kitchen or cheap outdoor tiles' material vary from the indoor tile material.

However, if one doesn't have a real tiling knowledge, one need not worry as there are commercial tiling services who not only offer customers a galaxy of Modern Design Tiles but also guide you in choosing the right type of tile for appropriate usage or the right place for usage.

The best part is that these companies also have a highly skilled team of tilers who share a passion and flair for converting dreams into reality by the flawless fixing of tiles in floors, bathrooms, kitchen, outdoors or the wall. These companies are a vital partner in making beautifully decorated homes.

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Different types of tiles

Most of the commercial tiling services companies offer four main types of tiles. They are -

* Ceramic Tile - Ceramic tile is the most common type of tiles, used for covering both floors and walls. These are the best bathroom tiles choice often used for custom bathroom renovations. These types of tiles are porous and delicate and perfect for indoor purposes that help to enhance the interior of a room. Again Ceramic tiles are available in two kinds, i.e., unglazed and glazed.

* Porcelain tiles - Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic tiles only they are harder than ceramic ones. These tiles are practically impermeable to water with most being frost resistant and hence used both indoors and outdoors.

* Natural stone tiles: This is a highly broad category that consists of stones such as marble, travertine, granite, slate and limestone. These are permeable and require prior polish before usage. Natural stones can add a dash of luxury to any property and therefore, customers looking for something unusually gorgeous can use these stones. Some of most of the tiling services companies also have tillers which are experts in polishing natural stones.

* Mosaic Tiles - Mosaic come in varieties of glass, ceramic, and natural stone. Mosaics are made of unusual materials like stainless steel and real sea shell. They also are available in different shapes like hexagons or octagons among other unique shapes.

Pest Control Orange County Service Providers Can Help You To Live In A Pest Free Home

Pest control is a common problem for residential and commercial establishments and is a bane in most cities in the word and all geographical areas like the Orange County. You will find pests like rats, bugs, cockroaches, lizards, termites, flies and ants in almost any place that is warm and affords an environment that leads to the increased population of these pests. In most homes, there will also always be a source of food, and this is a reason pests will thrive still further. This food can be that which is meant for human consumption, but pests also make a meal of things like wood, paper and cloth. Environments in all spaces where there is human habitation does give them a place where they can prosper.

Pest control Orange County is therefore desired, and you will do well to get in the services of qualified, licensed and efficient pest terminators to help you combat the spread of the pests in your home or commercial property. These are people who can come into your place and carry out a thorough inspection of all the likely breeding areas of these pests and then recommend treatments that can help you to eradicate them completely and also prevent them from coming into your home again. Do not wait till the pest infestation is large scale and take action even if you see a single one of these creatures. They can multiply rapidly and can soon overrun your home.


You can always go in for over the counter pesticide sprays and do some pest control on your own, but if you bring in the experts from pest control Orange County service providers, they will get to the root of the problems and eliminate the pests so that they do not create a nuisance again. They will also come in with equipment that will ensure that the spray or pesticide reaches all corners of your home. It can also be of great advantage to you if you ask them to go in for green products that use a lot of natural products instead of harmful chemicals. Most of these also have no ill effects on humans and pets and may therefore not be an inconvenience for the residents of a home. Modern day pest control products also do not require homes to be closed or residents having to leave a home while the work is being carried out, and this can make the task convenient and simpler.