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Are Plantation Shutters Easy To Install?

If you are looking for plantation shutters to decorate your windows then you will be pleased to know that there are so many styles and materials available they look great in any home whether modern or traditional. They are also extremely practical due to the fact they are able to provide additional insulation as well as being able to reduce the allergens that collect in fabric window dressings. Understandably if you are thinking about installing them in your own home, you will want to know if you will be able to undertake the job yourself. Rest assured that by following the instructions below you will be able to fit them easily with a few basic tools you most likely already have.

What tools you will need:

A drill as well as a drill bit measuring ¼ inch Spirit level Pencil Shutter kit for your windows measurements

Measurements Before you make your purchase, dont forget to check the measurements to find out what size you need. Dont try to guess it as this could prove an expensive mistake especially if you have odd size or shaped windows and need them specially made.

Filler strips Use your included filler strips to make any adjustments you need to the shutters width. Use the strip to help you to find out where you are going to drill. Use the spirit level to make sure it is in the correct place and mark the drill holes with your pencil. Pre-drill the holes before moving onto the next step.

Measuring the shutters

The next step is to put all of your shutters together to measure their width Installing the filler strips Once you have worked out how many filler strips you need screw them by inserting your screws through your frame and slide in the filler strips. Tighten the screws slowly so as not to cause damage and do this on both sides.

Installing the shutters

Hold your shutters in the place you wish them to be and fix them into place by putting in the screws and tightening slowly on both sides. The reason for tightening slowly is to ensure you can make adjustments if you need to.

Check everything is working

With all the hard work done, your next step is to make sure that the shutters are aligned properly. Ensure that they can close easily and once you know they do you can use the special plugs to cover up any screw holes.

Attach any fixtures you need

To enable your shutters to open and close properly you will more than likely have additional fixtures. At this point attach them following the included instructions without adding the latch just yet. You will already have the pre-drilled holes in place for them. Once you have checked everything is working as it should you can then attach the latch and make sure that it is aligned properly so that not only do you have shutters that look great, they will also be able to serve the purpose they were bought for.

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