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5 Ways To Maintain Your Snow Blower During The Summer

In this tutorial, we are showing you a number of ways to maintain your snow blower during the summer time. These methods are applicable to all makes and models.

Watch the video below to learn more about snow blower repair:

Use Fuel Stabilizer

The idea for using a fuel stabilizer is that these formulas can keep fuel fresh for a long time. The method is effective in ensuring that fresh gas is available after a long period of hibernation and that the blower will run quickly the next time it is used.

You can use any brand of stabilizer. Get a bottle and flip it over to read instructions. Squeeze the bottle to put the right amount in the dispenser. Then, pour the stabilizer into the tank.

Run the machine for two to three minutes or just enough for the stabilizer to circulate and run all the way through the carburetor.

This method also carries the following benefits:

- It prevents corrosion, as the stabilizer will remove water. - It cleans the carburetor and fuel injector as well. - It can prolong the life of your engine by protecting it from rust, varnish and gum.

Gasoline stored for more than a year tends to lose ignitability (volatility). When this happens to the gas inside your blowers tank, the blower might not start for use in the next winter season.

Fill your tank up to 95% full. Add the stabilizer and then run the engine.

Empty the Machine

For this method, you are to empty the machine of fuel. This is specifically applicable to machines with gas bought from a gas station.

Gas from gas stations contains ethanol. Drain the tank before you put the snow thrower in storage. Why?

Ethanol has the tendency to mix with water and if your gas contains ethanol, the ethanol component will mix with water inside your tank. The combination will result to acid formation and then to corrosion of the tanks walls.

Use a gas siphon from a store. You can also use a turkey baster. After removing most of the gas, run your machine to dry it completely.

Gas-draining is one effective snow-blower maintenance method as it ensures there nothing left inside that can go bad while the blower is in storage.

The gas sucked out from a gas snow blowers tank can be used for other purposes. It can be used for fueling your vehicle for example.

Replace Worn Parts

Part of your snow blower storage routine is to regularly check the unit for parts wear and tear before putting the blower away. Replacements may not be needed this year, but maybe, next year. Things to check are:

- Shave plate and skid shoes These parts are there to protect your units housing from damage. - Rubber friction disc To check this part, you need to remove the frame cover located at the lower part of the machine. - Belt cover Worn belts can snap any time and cause serious injury. Replace it as soon as you see signs of cracking or tearing.

Check if Repair Is Needed before Storage

Checking for wear and tear in the parts is one aspect. There are times when the machine can suddenly stop. Or it just will not start. You wonder whether it already needs a premium snow blower repair service from the repair shop.

This is true especially the blower has already given you years of service. But before you even call for help, ask these questions first for possibilities that there are really no big issues requiring an experts attention:

- Does the machine contain fresh gasoline? - Is the gas cap clear of obstructions like snow or ice? - Does the machine have good amounts of oil? - Check the safety key. Is it in place? - Snow blower engines need proper priming. Did you follow the manual on this? - Check the spark plugs? Are they working?

If the checks have been done, but still the machine will not run, proper maintenance protocols call for an inspection by an expert.

Care for the Blower Properly and Keep the Surrounding Clean and Harmless

Just like other machines, snow blowers can get damaged by improper care and a harsh environment.

- Aside from the protective coats offered by lubricants and oils, make sure you clean the parts that you can reach with your own hands. Keep your unit free of road salts. - Moisture is one hard enemy. Cover your unit when not in use. Store it in a cool dry place where water condensation isnt likely going to take place. - Shut the fuel flow when transporting the unit. It will prevent fuel spills and flooding in the carburetor.

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Practical Tips On Building Cleaning

One of the essential maintenance tasks for a building is keeping it clean. This will help it retain its quality and prolong its lifespan. Tall and strong as most modern buildings stand, the materials that they are made of could still weaken over time because of normal wear and maybe several natural calamities. The structure of the building could also be compromised because of negligence in terms of regular and thorough cleaning.

Carbon Emissions Negatively Affect Buildings

Tall buildings in urban places are greatly affected by carbon emissions from cars, factories, and other machineries. Beauty is lost in the dark covering they mark on the outside walls, windows, and roofs of great architectural designs. If these marks are left unattended for a long time, they become harder to remove and will cause eventual damage. The longer they stay, the more difficult they are to scrub off. The good news is that there are many industrial cleaners that can competently get the job done, go here for more info about one of them.

Natural Elements Cause Damage to Property

Rain, wind, sunlight, snow, and other natural elements also affect the condition of buildings. The continued exposure to these elements will diminish the condition of the paint or varnish of the outer parts of infrastructures. It is therefore important that a regular checking and cleaning of the outer areas of the building must be done so that they will remain untarnished and that necessary repairs or repainting can be done as soon as necessary.

Regular Cleaning Preserves the Quality of Materials

Regular cleaning naturally makes the building look good and new. More than that, however, it prevents the occurrence of possible damage caused by carbon molecules. When left unattended, carbon molecules with the aid of natural occurrences such as rain and wind will eventually cause the decay of such materials as plastic, glass, wood, metal and even concrete.

Cleaning is Cost Effective

Cleaning companies often offer services at affordable rates and shorter completion times. The lesser the expense with maximum benefits is surely more preferred by many home or property owners. Since there are a number of cleaning companies that compete for prospective clients, the value of hiring cleaners is of greater value than waiting for the dilapidation to happen before taking action.

Considering the Environmental Effects of Cleaning

It must be noted that the cleaning materials and substances should adhere to the environmental policy of keeping the surroundings safe. They should be environment-friendly. Cleaning materials must be well chosen so as to give maximum benefit to the building condition and to maintain its appearance. This is why it is recommended to hire professional cleaners from reliable cleaning companies only.

Careful Cleaning Prolongs the Life of Buildings

With the help of professional building cleaners, the overall appearance of the building is restored to its original state. In addition, should there be minor damages, they can be easily remedied by the experts whose main task is to keep your property in the best condition as possible.


Great buildings stand the test of time and exposure to natural elements not only because of the high qualities they are made of. They last long and stay looking good because of the regular cleaning that they receive from professional cleaners.

Observing Safety Measures In Garage Door Repairs

Regardless if its a DIY job or a professional contractor doing a home garage door repair, safety is a priority in doing the simplest or the most complicated task. Accidents happen in the most unexpected circumstance, especially when working inside the garage. Here are some suggestions:

1) Organizing the garage

Labels are an important feature when keeping garage equipment. In case a garage door repair job needs to be done in the home, it is easy to search for the things that one needs.

2) Use protective gear to keep the body safe

There must be an adequate number of equipment available such as:

-Goggles The eyes are an important part of the body, and the most delicate. Any eye problem experienced needs an immediate consultation with a doctor. The eyes are used most of the time, especially when doing intricate garage door repair activities such as drilling. Safety goggles protect from any foreign material that may go inside the eye.

-Boots Boots with rubberized soles protect the feet from pointed objects. It also serves as an insulator from electricity.

-Helmet Trauma to the head can be devastating, especially when one is doing a garage door repair job. Wearing helmet during garage jobs keeps the workers safe while doing their tasks.

3) Keeping the garage childproof. Children are naturally curious. The garage is one place they would love to hang out because of the tools. They might consider them as toys. For example in a garage door repair job, the garage door remote control might be mistaken as a remote control for the TV as someone repairs the door. Keep small objects locked at top shelves where children cant access it. These may be thought of as candy, especially if the objects are colorful.

Just in case there is an ongoing repair, a neon sign must be plastered on the wall near the area where the work is to be done. At the same time, children need to be reminded that the garage is not a playground, and people can actually get hurt while doing garage work.

4) Doing an inventory of the gear

Garage equipment need to be checked from time to time to ensure that they are in working order. Please consider the following suggestions when doing an inventory:

- Search for warranty cards included in the power tool kit - Dispose used paint tubes, lubricants, and the like. They just build up clutter in the garage. - Check the power tools if they are in working order, or if they need to be repaired. Store them out of the reach of children.

Repairing your garage door isn't for the unexperienced. Unless you have a clear understanding of how your garage door works you may cause more harm than good. Or even worse is an injury while working on the door. Setting up all the safety components correctly will keep your family and pets safe. If you need help with your residential garage door repair contact a professional.